Pressure Vessel Welding


Types of Welds

At our facility, we create headers from carbon steel, stainless materials and speciality nickel products. In addition to normal and high pressure Plug Type headers, Billet headers, Pipe headers, and Cover/Bonnet headers have all been manufactured by Cooling Products. 


ASME Code welding for all products. CPI welders are ASME Code certified even for structural welders. All types of welds and specialty material welding has been performed by CPI welders and is available for your projects. 

Cooling Products was the first ACHE company to have a representative on the ASME Code Committee for Box Headers. 


During our decades of fabrication, virtually all welding processes have been utilized to meet product requirements and customer preferences. Our policies encourage internal instruction and promotion, while our employee loyalty includes twenty and thirty year veterans.

Experienced welders with long tenure at CPI maintain the knowledge of experience. Our CPI welding manager and supervisor has worldwide experience and expertise including harsh environments for welds and Department of Defense specialty and classified projects. 


Lethal Service stamped bundles produced at our plant have operated years without incident. We also provide controlled environment rooms for alloy and exotic metal processes.