Our History

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Our Founder

CPI was founded by Jim Carter, one of the first engineers in the early years of air cooled heat exchangers. He built Cooling Products on design integrity, service to customers, and commitment to employees – a number of whom have thirty or more years of continual experience working for CPI. These craftsmen of long standing assure our culture of quality is passed on to incoming generations of workers.

Built on Excellence

From our opening in 1961, Cooling Products Inc. (CPI) has provided thousands of air cooled heat exchangers for the Gas Processing Industry, Natural Gas Transmission companies, Oil Refineries, Air Separation facilities, and Hydrogen enhancement additions.

A true manufacturer, CPI designs and produces the structural components, finned tubes, and welded headers at their facility located just south of Tulsa in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 

Validating our original and on-going commitment to superior manufacturing, CPI equipment from the 1960s continues to operate more than forty years after original fabrication. This is because of our high level of quality standards. 

Because our internal quality standards exceed API-661 requirements, we do not produce off-the-shelf equipment; every cooler is custom designed and built to the clients exact specifications or requirements.