Warm Air Recirculation Systems


An Industry Pioneer

Cooling Products Inc. was a pioneer in warm air recirculation systems during the early 1960s. Working in collaboration with a major oil company research facility, CPI helped to develop the over-the-end recirculation system that has now become an industry standard. 

Over the years, CPI further refined the design to allow for modular shipping to drastically reduce field installation time and manpower requirements.

Years of successful operation in the northern U.S., Canada, Alaska, and Russia have proven the reliability of our designs and construction. 

Pneumatic and Electric Shop Installation

Beyond assembled systems, our value added options will further reduce jobsite costs and completion time. These alternatives include partial wiring, shop-installing actuators and air lines, providing an air manifold with a single, client input. Computer logic interfaces and other forms of system integration can also be factory installed by CPI.