Quality Assurance

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Excellence in Quality

Cooling Product Inc.'s quality assurance has proven to be at the highest level with products that have been tested under extreme conditions. CPI follows ASME Code and produces CRN and PED registered equipment. 

Experience and Meeting Standard Requirements

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CPI's quality assurance manager currently serves on the ASME Code Committee for Box Headers and has served in this position for more than twenty years. Our QA manager also is currently the only Air Cooled Heat Exchanger representative on the committee. 

Meeting Codes

Our QA inspections and processes follow every ASME Section VIII requirement for pressure vessels. In addition, our internal minimum quality standards meet or exceed all API-661 standards. Any deviation is directed by the customer only and will still meed the ASME standards. 

*Cooling Products Inc. retains the right to refuse sub-standard designs even if they are customer chosen. 

Random and Precise Testing

All of our products are also precisely tested to meet all industry standards and safety requirements.

Extruded fins include a pre-run destructive test and at least one tube from every batch is randomly tested to ensure manufacturing integrity and safety.  

All forms of testing and NDE are available to meet customer or project requirements. 

Assembled coolers are test-run prior to shipment including vibration tests to API-661 (ISO 13706) standards.


Proper Cleaning

All tubes are detergent and steam cleaned to remove grease and dirt from the outside. Tubes are then dried before any finning. This extra step eliminates the change of inadvertent resistance at the fin-and-tube boundary - thus assuring a complete bond between the fin and the tube. 

Time and Cost Savings

At CPI, we strive to give our customers the highest level of quality at the lowest price. Scheduling, quality, and cost objectives are monitored in real-time resulting in better performance and lower pricing for our customers. 

Inspections Welcome

We welcome customer inspectors, third-party inspectors, or customer representatives to observe the work being performed at our facility.



Certificates of Authorization

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U Certificate

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R Certificate

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NB Certificate