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Industry Leading Design Quality

CPI created and employed a proprietary computer design program for Air Cooled Heat Exchangers in the early 1960s when others used a series of printed curves to create rough cooler sizes. The CPI program has since been broadened and updated continually since its inception.

Our proprietary design program not only generates complete ACHE ratings with API-661 data sheets, but prices the cooler at the same time. This allows CPI to test options for cost, energy consumption, noise or any combination without resorting to multiple programs.

CPI is a member of HTRI, so we cross-check our designs with HTRI programs to confirm heat exchange and pressure drop performance.

High Pressure Jobs

Since 1961, Cooling Products has had over 4300 jobs; some fifteen percent of these jobs involved services with design pressures between 1000 PSI & 2000 PSI, and as high as 11,500 PSI. Since these jobs are too numerous to detail, please refer to our
basic customer list below
for companies having received coolers with ASME Code design pressures less than 2000 PSI. 

All jobs listed were ASME Section VIII code stamped. All pressures shown are ASME design pressures; thus all coolers were hydrotested at the higher pressure required by ASME code.

For examples of our high pressure jobs click here: